I'm gonna guess you're done with the palette challenge? :o

well i still have a lot of requests hanging in my askbox;; haha :’D

i’ll eventually get to them when the mood strikes so you can leave a suggestion if you want…

i’m in digimon hell

tg doods


some more emofuris i made based on tulidoodles designs of our characters y v y

i love your art !!! wow !!! how did you start learning how to draw tht well? like did u just practice a lot or what? it's so good omg

aaaaa /// <33

thank you so much anon wow!

and your guess is right! i’m mostly a self-taught artist, and practice is what keeps me going!

there’s no other key to improvement, and i just recently figured that out hehe, just keep drawing! things may not come the way you want at first but it’ll eventually get better…

also observational drawing has helped me improve a lot, and taking what i like from my fave artists :’)

i tried the emofuri thing!!!

i fell for her already

I usually recognize the hands and facial features in your artwork


omg thanks :’D

lmao hands tho, i don’t know what i’m doing most of the time with them

Your blog is so sweet it gives me a heart attack. Uwahh ( ̄▽ ̄)


wahh thank youu!!

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